Surrendering to bad service — or why I LOVE the BMV

At a recent dinner, several friends who are top professionals were talking about the worst customer experience they’ve had recently.  For almost all of them, it revolved around their respective state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles. While long waits were at the top of their lists, perhaps you can imagine the litany of other offenses that […]

Who Should Run the Government: CEO or Politician?

INSIGHTS ON BUSINESS AND LIFE FROM FIVE BEST-SELLING AUTHORS, SPEAKER HALL OF FAME RECIPIENTS, INTERNATIONALLY-ACCLAIMED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS AND BEST BUDDIES. FROM SCOTT MCKAIN: “Elected political leader as manager” is a dated, misplaced notion. Let’s change our thinking about the jobs of those we elect to significant positions. I never thought Jack Welch was an expert […]

Your competitive advantage — is YOU!

A few years ago, a financial advisor from Manhattan and I were chatting about the challenges she had been facing in her business because of the volatility in the stock market, combined with the economic impact of the tragedies of September 11, 2001. She refused to let the events that were happening dictate to her the […]